Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World's Longest Comeback

That's what I've labeled my current running plan at the moment.  I started running again almost 2 years ago.  My first run in April '09 was a 3 mile run in 22 minutes and change.  When I returned back to my house I was panting more than Albert Haynesworth.  Since then I've slowly been trying to get more miles in each week.  For the past 5 months I've managed to get ~50 miles a week with 2-3 speed/tempo sessions a month.  Still a ways away but I've managed a 2:35 marathon and a 3:53 50K++ (actually 33+ miles) with this minimal base.

My goal in '09 was to get into 2:36 marathon shape and then decide how to proceed.  I think I can juggle running and school along with work and married life so I am going to try to bump up the miles, get 1-2 speed workouts a week and 6 long runs (16 miles+) a month in an attempt to get back to 2:2X marathon 3:06 50K and shape by the end of '11.

Still a ways away from my 2:20 marathon days but hey, it IS the world's longest comeback.

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